Cas & Dylan by Jason Priestly – Movie Ticket Giveaway #1


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Cas & Dylan is a fun and touching film in favour of Euthanasia as directed by Jason Priestly. Have you seen the film? Would you like to? Live in Vancouver, BC area? 1 Entry via Twitter post: Want 2 win … Continue reading

Beyond the Stereotypes (documentary shorts)


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My wife and I both won a pair of tickets to a film screening each, courtesy of VSAFF and African Breese Imports. Gaetanne barely had the time or energy to see Beyond the Stereotypes with me but we made it … Continue reading

Vancouver South African Film Festival April 5 & 6th SFU Woodwards


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When you go to the VSAFF you get to see important films from an extraordinary part of our world! And your money goes towards Education Without Borders. I’m going to share my experience with you from Sat. and Sun. SFU … Continue reading

God Loves Uganda

A film that was on my must list for curiosity.

A film that was on my must see curiosity list.

Day 5~ Film 20 of My @HotDocs #FilmFeast (USA)

It was a full house for the Canadian Premiere of Roger Ross Williams gutsy film, God Loves Uganda. The million dollar plus documentary presents the Ugandan dilemma of American fundamental Christian values influencing anti-homosexual laws* and fueling murderous attitudes against people identified as being gay. This was one of a handful of films at Hot Docs that were on my must see curiosity list.

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The film and subject matter was of course very engaging and at the same time very disturbing. An African lady next to me kept yelling at the screen in protest. In the Q&A after the director said he had to take some things out because of the extremely angry reaction he got from some viewers. The access Williams got from a Christian leaders was gained after spending over a year at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. He would then travel a world away with an IHOP missionary group.

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Honestly, I stopped my My 32 in 7 @HotDocs #FilmFeast blog series at this film months ago because of the incredibly controversial and potentially cruelly polarizing subject matter. Regardless of ones views on homosexuality, cruelty and violence towards others of differing views and “orientation” is evil.

All these months after watching this film, three things remained with me the most. One is the hateful violence. Two is the unnecessary photos of homosexual porn being shown in a church. Seeing the church goers reactions on their faces and hearing the pastors words would have been enough to get the point across. Three and most importantly

(Spoiler Alert):God-Loves-Uganda-WomanThe most important moment in the film for me was a question asked by director Roger Ross Williams. He gave the IHOP missionaries a year to get to know him and then speaking to Uganda’s originally proposed homosexual death penalty for repeat offenders he asked Reverend Jo Anna Watson if she would want him dead. Of course not, “I love you,” was and is the answer.

Let us take pause and propose Love not laws.

*After writing and posting just this morning, I found out that the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act was signed into law yesterday by the President of Uganda.

Here’s another afterthought in the form of a question. Since Uganda has made  homosexuality punishable by law and also encourages others to inform on those who identify as being gay, should Uganda not also re-introduce the Anti-adultery law but this time prosecutes both men and women equally? Now let’s not be hypocritical and stop there; what should the penalty be for religious pride?