A Whole Lott More

A unique and inspiring cast of characters.

An intelligent and inspiring cast of characters.

Day 4~ Film 15 of My @HotDocs #FilmFeast (UK)

You can’t help but fall in love with the unique cast of characters that make up the inspired film, A Whole Lott More. Director Victor Buhler successfully gives voice to an intelligent and motivated part of our world’s community that is often misunderstood and overlooked.


In the words of a very bright and ambitious young man named TJ Hawker, a Paralympian who has cerebral palsy and is deaf, “People believe we’re deaf and dumb… We need to open up their minds, eyes and hearts.” He communicates through a typing pad, watching him struggle to communicate is both painful and inspiring. He could get by on disability payments and entertain his whole life away but instead he reveals a courage and ambition that is inspiring and convicting,” I want to earn my way in the world.” he types.

TJ is seen working in a computer wing of Lott Industries, thankfully his life is broader than his job and the film smartly follows his championship bocce competition carrying us through to The End; we want to know… will he win? We also want to know if a company started in 1954 by parents of a child with a disability, and that employs over 1200 people with varying degrees of developmental disabilities will win. Will they find a way to triumph over the economic and auto industry downturn and continuing to not only turn a “big enough” profit but also provide a livelihood and community for them and others?

"I want to be in love."

“I want to be in love.”

In the words of the positive spirited and dedicated worker Wanda Huber, “We can sink or we can swim. I am going to swim.” And like most of us she wants to be in love. I loved seeing and hearing the intelligence and spark of a young gal with down syndrome who suggests starting a protest to gain support to help keep them all working together at Lott.

As part of a successful Kickstater campaign, Buhler wrote, “ A Whole Lott More offers insight into the evolving world of work for people with developmental disabilities and asks the question: how can more disabled workers be integrated into the wider community?”


This film happily shared the Audience Award cash prize with two other projects at Hot Docs. I knew it would be an important film and made it a priority to see the first screening. The final screening and Q&A especially was a big hit with the entire cast in attendance winning the audience over with their charm, wit and enthusiasm. In a day an age where many docs can be downers, if you’re looking for a realistic film with some depth, inspiration and hope in your fellow man, Victor Buhler and team offer you A Whole Lott More.



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