Occupy The Movie

Movie on the movement we all heard about.

Movie on the movement we all heard about.

Day 3 ~ Film 9 of My @HotDocs #FilmFeast (USA)

The first film on my plate for the day was an engrossing, informative and personable behind the scenes look at the Occupy Movement described upfront as “a reaction to the toxic corporate culture.”

“Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” is a protest sign seen early on that speaks volumes. The bloody police brutality that follows upset me so much that I yelled out in the theatre. Anyone who truly cares about people and a just society will be against police brutality regardless of the protest.


Corporate media is seen as “devil” with the six megalomaniac conglomerates waging a propaganda war, where news is judged on its entertainment and distraction value. Politicians are seen as corporate employees in a world where corporations are granted personhood with corporate $peech and people can be treated as voiceless, powerless and disposable.

“In ‘God’ We Trust”… the Federal Reserve prints money based on nothing, usury is diabolical based “dishonest scales” that God “hates” if we want to get biblically spiritual  and at the same time practical about it as the filmmakers allude to towards the end.

First we hear a famous quote from Ghandi followed by and Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “promised land” speech. The meaning is borrowed in that we might not get to the land of fiscal and social justice together, but what all of us say and do now can help others benefit from the dream when it comes true in the future.

I like your Christ...

I like your Christ… not your Xtians.

Ghandi said, “I like your Christ. I don’t like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ.”  A guy seated next to me in the theater scoffs at this and sadly he has much to scoff at, though there are people out there who are truly doing all they can to live out Christ’s loving example by his Spirit.

The first question from the audience at he top of the Q&A afterwards was “Why introduce religion at the end of the film?” Corey Ogilvie, the director answered, “Jesus was the first economic protestor.” This was in reference to Christ overturning the tables and dishonest scales of the money changers in the courtyard of what was meant to be a “house of prayer”.

Another question voiced, “What is Occupy for? Ogilvie replied that one of his regrets is wishing that he had illustrated that more in the film. He then he went on to say that “…the tactics exemplify what (Occupy) was for, to draw attention to “an extreme misdistribution of wealth” and the unjust bank bailouts that was in fact a “mass act of socialism”, and where banks were given government loans at .025% interest.  Could anybody here use a credit card, car payment, or mortgage bail out? Would anybody reading this be interested in a .025% interest free loan to help fund your projects and pay your bills?

A Banner Moment Protest History.

A Banner Moment Protest History.

Occupy The Movie does it’s best to highlight what the movement sought to make the world aware of in the hopes of sparking responsible action through community togetherness to help ring about positive change for 99% of the population not making a killing financially.

Served up next was a surprise film that would end up being my favourite short of the festival, Wooden People from Belarus.


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