Wrong Time Wrong Place

Coincidence and Fate July 22, 2011 Oslo, Norway.

Coincidence and Fate and the relational aftermath an act of hate on July 22, 2011 in Oslo, Norway.

Day 2 – Film 7 of My @HotDocs #FilmFeast

I locked my bike near a few middle-aged women waiting outside the Hart Theater before the Wrong Time Wrong Place screening and attempted to make conversation. I said how I wasn’t sure if I was into another “disturbing film” after the last one.

One of the women turned and looked at me incredulously and replied, “I like disturbing.” OK, on with the show in Oslo, Norway. Dutchman John Appel’s film on coincidence, fate and tragedy opens and closes with free falling base jumping…

Base Jump red wings

…then flashes back through candid, gripping first hand accounts of survivors of the July 22 car bombing of a business district, followed by the cold-blooded shooting rampage at a political summer camp for youth. The film takes you back there in more ways than one; you care for the people who are no more, and for the survivors.

Uneasy about daughter going...

Uneasy about daughter going to the camp.

Parents reflect on how they had an uneasy feeling about their daughter going after a friend invites her to camp where she will die; a man goes in to the office on a day off when he meant to go the day before. He is injured, life will never be the same but he narrowly survives with his life.

Survivor loses son...

Survivor loses son to base jumping accident.

His son is a base jumper and is not so fortunate, dying doing what he loved. The film closes with a free falling memorial base jump, giving tragic circumstances an ethereal lift.I admit I wanted to see the killer and hear his name but it’s not about him and so as not to immortalize him in film, director John Appel rightly chooses not to breath his name or show his image.

What before was only a news headline to most, Wrong Time, Wrong Place are tragic twists of fate told well, and where the living and the dead are treated with the respect they rightly deserve. Bravo. I hope and pray for comfort and healing to all the families affected and to all of Norway.

Memorial base jump

As the sun set in Toronto, I lounged in the same theater to be served up another  disturbing, yet courageous story and this one was out of Tanzania, Africa. And I would soon find I was in the right time and place In The Shadow of the Sun.


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