Informative, Fascinating, Freaky Film!

Informative, Fascinating, Freaky Film!

Day 2 ~ Film 5 of My @HotDocs #FilmFeast

Furever, day two second course at the ROM theater was an aptly titled film that informed me of a world I never knew existed. The owners and the business people who serve them are all on display along with said decease pets. It is a cast of characters from the man whose keepsakes include his pets last poops to those who and cuddle, stroke, and even take their now stuffed pets out for daily strolls.

Just when I thought I’d had enough and it was time for the film to wrap up, actual mummifying and gold encasing cats as in ancient Egypt in gold drew me into this freaky Furever world again.

Ancient Egypt meets our Century...

Ancient Egypt meets our Century…

The lengths people go to memorialize and idolize their dead pets knows no boundaries in the land where 52 Billion per year is spent on animals bread for domestication. Of course there’s money to be made off of people’s attachment and bereavement to creatures that brought them such companionship and comfort. You can get petty trinkets up to to psychic readings, in order to hear your dead pets thoughts, and of course there’s cloning. Yes for $100, 000 you can have a dead ringer for your dearly deceased dog.

It was upon learning about pet expenditures that filmmaker Amy Finkel ventured into documenting, for our education and entertainment, this world of “pet loss, attachment, and the many processes by which we preserve more than our pets’ memories.” It’s because of human being’s difficulty in “letting go”, that we can enjoy Furever.

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